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Green Card anyone?

It’s that time of the year: The US 2008 diversity visa program is on, and applications are to be submitted online by Sunday, December 3. Once again it is important to inform people that the application process is free. Kenyans are still eligible to win green cards to the USA, though early this year some green cards lottery winners were arrested at the Nairobi Embassy for adding on relatives.

– Kenyans pay 270 million shillings in visa fees a year to the UK and US embassies while Nigerians pay 1.4 billion shillings a year to the UK in visa fees.

Sudan’s economy, fuelled by oil exports and trade with Arab and Asian counties, is booming – projected to grow by 12 % this year despite a US embargo.

Black Pastors Criticize Bush on Aid to Africa

Several influential black pastors who were recently courted by Bush administration officials as potential partners in crafting African relief policies are now questioning the White House commitment to the continent.

They called on the president to give his “ardent” support to a proposal by British Prime Minister Tony Blair under which industrialized nations would double their aid to Africa by 2010. Bush rejected the proposal last week and announced that the United States would release a smaller sum, already appropriated by Congress, for aid to Africa.

Who’s Blair?

President Bush refused on Wednesday to budge on his administration’s opposition to doubling aid for Africa, a major proposal on the agenda for a summit meeting of industrial nations next month in Scotland. The long-simmering dispute could culminate next week when Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain, who has advocated the plan, visits Washington in advance of the July session, a meeting of the Group of 8.