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Mbagathi (No) Way

Construction of the new all-cement Mbagathi Way road is proceeding at a strange start-stop pace. Some weeks, the contractor works as fast as possible, puts down a kilometre of cement, other days there’s no work or with just a few pieces of stone moved around – and it now appears the company is reluctant to complete the road or will take as long as possible.

The road is now dangerous, especially at night, and accidents are more frequent – as some days the road is one-way, others its two-way traffic, with new routes being opened up by matatu’s as they escape the traffic jam which can stretch from Langata road to Ngong road.

Stamp Relic

Today, for the first time in 2006, with ⅞ of the year gone, I bought and used a stamp to mail a personal letter.


q1: Do you know how much is costs to send a letter anymore?

The stamp is a relic today to many like me. I send out maybe 10 text messages a day, and make a similar number of phone calls, and e-mails as well – not to mention blog comments and internet chats. Everyone I know has a cell phone, or can reach me by phone or e-mail – and only secondarily by post.

q2: When was the last time you gave anyone a P O Box address?

Hope for the post office
I also send out official letters from the office – but this is still not good for the post office because messenger companies (who we use) work with physical/office addresses not postal box numbers and take our letters from office to office – that way clients are assured of timely and reliable deliveries which they can track.

I still rely on a mailbox though ro receive electricity, water & telephone bills (fixed & mobile), postcards, corporate annual reports & dividends, Kenya gazette, bank statements, magazines arrive every week and this I guess provides enough revenue for the post office.

a1: 25 shillings
a2: Can’t remember no more steamy letters in high school, but I should be sending out some success cards in November to relatives once I get their school addresses.

October 27 Jobs

Junior officers at Bank of India

Sales manager at Create Africa. Apply to

Chief financial officer, marketing director, procurement manager, and a credit manager at Equity Bank. Apply to by 10/11

Accountant, purchasing manager at HLB Zainash. Apply to by 3/11

Transport manager at Homegrown Flowers.apply to by 25/11

Senior manager – development program at Industrial Promotion Services (IPS) apply to by 24/11

Office director & project head, and a senior researcher – both in Addis Ababa at the Institute for security services. Apply to by 3/11

In house health systems consultant at Japanese Internal Cooperation Agency (JICA). Apply to by 6/11

Policy research economists (in macroeconomics, transport & communications, trade, and industry) and a macroeconomic modeling expert at Kenya institute for public policy research & analysis (KIPPRA). apply to by 8/11

Director of operations and a sub grant manager at National democratic institute – Sudan.apply to by 10/11

Program coordinator, at UNDP Kenya details at their site

TV anchors at an upcoming TV station. Apply to

Sales and marketing manager at un-named Mombasa company. Apply to by 10/11


Nyarmid: (defn) Nairobi pyramids are not physical structures, but they are everywhere, some in classy buildings, and some in run down ones where they do business, spread the word, and churn the money.

They are known as investments schemes, savings plans, multi-level, merry go rounds, revolving funds, savings plans, investments. No one calls them ponzis or pyramids.

They are unregulated and their exclusivity and extremely attractive returns make them too enticing for many. They spread virally, by word of mouth from people eager to share their good fortune, to others who have not seen the light.

One group is associated with an up-coming communications company. Maybe the company wanted to tap a cheap source of unlimited funds for expansion instead of going to a bank – but it has worked for the company which still runs one of the better-established funds.

The wars between funds are vicious with some bad mouthing their competitors. One allegedly leaked information to the CBK – leading to the swoop on a competing group last week.

They are untouched by any authorities, even though the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK tried to shut down one last week. They will not be affected even by the micro-finance bill scheduled to pass through parliament later this year.

Since they don’t lend money, and are not accepting deposits, I can’t see how they can be regulated by the CBK. But many rely on the banking system, giving some oversight to accounts that have high volumes of transactions and values. Even bank tellers are curious enough about people banking multiple checks into their accounts to ask about how/where they can sign up!

The shocking thing is they actually work – or have worked for some people. I have never joined one, but know many who have – friends more accustomed to risk, some who have invested as little as 2,000 to as much as 100,000 shillings in more than one of these, with money doubled in a year. Some have provided a steady monthly income that supplements or even doubles their monthly income. Maybe because of their better contacts and networks, they are at the top of the pyramids, the early investors who get paid by the later investors, but they have all done very well.

I almost feel stupid for not joining any. Am I any better for buying shares in Uchumi or leaving money in the bank earning almost nothing from a savings account?

My problem is I am too cautious, too curious, ask too many questions. Questions the backers of these never want to answer. You’re either in or you’re not, you want to get paid or you don’t. Still, I rely on the conventional wisdom that nothing is free and anything that sounds too good to be true, probably is.

September 30 jobs

appearing in the daily papers this week

Various from Abbott.

Tenders & project management advisor at Actionaid International . Apply to by 13 November.

(3) Project managers at Bridgeworks Africa: i.e. animal health, human health, and plant health. Apply to by October 13.

Administrative accountant at Coopers Kenya Apply to by 5 October.

Eveready East Africa: Internal auditor – apply to, plant accountant – apply to, maintenance planner – apply to by October 9.

No jobs in Kenya, but seeking Kenyans to work for them in other countries was Haliburton‘s global engineering subsidiary – KBR.

Management trainees (front office, housekeeping, F&B) at Hilton Nairobi. Apply to

Project manager at KEMRI/Welcome Trust. Details at and deadline is October 13.

Kenya Airways: investigation specialist, freight & production development executive and claims officer. Apply to the group HRD P O Box 19002 Nairobi by October 13.

Chief executive officer at the Kenya Book Foundation. Apply to by 20 October.

Youth program coordinator and youth program assistant at the Kenya community development foundation. Apply to

Principal human rights officer, investigator, media & communications officer, human rights officer (Wajir) at the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights. Apply to by October 6.

Business and other news writers at the Kenya Times newspaper.

Infrastructure manager at modern business communications MBC. Apply to by 13 October.

Compliance adviser at Standard Chartered Bank. Apply to by October 13.

Finance/HR SAP administrator at SNV. Apply to by October 11.

Programme officer – enhanced security unit at UNDP> Apply to

National professional officer at UNESCO Nairobi office. Apply to

National program officer at UNFPA Kenya office. Apply to by October 5.

Development program assistant at USAID. Apply to by October 13.

Consultant fundraiser at Waldorf School Trust. Apply to

Business facilitators at World Vision Apply to by October 5.