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Improved opportunities for graduates

Two years ago I placed small advertisement in the newspaper to fill a secretarial vacancy. Twice after that, the job holders found better jobs, so I had to do it again – a year ago, and also this February. Within a week of each advert, almost twenty applications were received.

Two years ago, almost all applicants were university graduates; for the second ad, about 2/3 who responded were graduates and this time – of the 20 applicants received in the first week, only half were university graduates. Does this mean that there are better opportunities for graduates? Or they feel better about their prospects that they won’t accept an entry-level job these days. Good times and more opportunities I hope for them

The results of this were a quick experiment. But a caution here; if you apply to a job at high profile company, it may take up to two months (or never) to be called in for an interview or sent a regret e-mail.

from the daily papers

African development bank (ADB) (Nairobi): Macroeconomist, agriculture expert, infrastructure specialist, procurement assistant, disbursement assistant, IT & telecommunications assistant, administrative & financial assistant. Apply to the resident representative, Kenya country office 4861-00200 Nairobi

Alliance for a green revolution in Africa (AGRA) [ supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates and Rockefeller foundations]: – which will be headquartered in Nairobi, and program operations will be implemented by a supporting organization – program for a green revolution Africa (ProGRA) – also to be based in Nairobi
Executive director, evaluation & learning officer, program officer(for education & training for crop improvement), director for strategy & learning, program officer (for crop genetic improvement & farmer variety adoption), program officer for (agro-dealer development) [2 positions], policy officer, communications officer, program officer (financing seed production systems) apply through KPMG Kenya at by 23/3

Software developers at credit reference bureau Africa (CRB Africa) . Apply online by 31/3

Senior program officer Kenya at DFID. Apply through adept systems by 14/3

Kenya Anti Corruption Commission: Accountant, forensic investigator III (tax expert), forensic investigator III (audit expert). Apply to the director 61130-00200 by 16/3
Related – the Kenya Revenue Authority is hiring detector dog instructors and detector dog handlers. D/L is 23/3

Nairobi Java House limited: general manager, coffee division manager, and HR manager. Apply to by 14/3

Safaricom: Simu Ya Jamii Area Manager, Simu Ya Jamii Administrator, Network Monitoring Centre (Nmc) Shift Technician, Senior Tax Accountant, Principal ERP Developer, Principal Business Analyst, Data Services Planning Technician, NMC SSS Senior Engineer-OM Senior CRM System Developer. Apply online

Serena hotels: marketing manager, e-Commerce Manager, sales executive, IS Manager (Kigali) and sous chefs. Apply though Hawkins associates – by 14/3

other bits of news

advertising Capital FM (98.4) are for the second year running their Image plus promotion that offers medium size companies 120 30 second radio advertisements over the course of one year for about 1.4 million shillings – inclusive of production costs.

affirmative action: In public procurement & disposal, preference will be given to local contractors & suppliers exclusively for goods/supply contracts of less than 50 million shillings ($710,000)shillings and Kshs. 200 million ($2.85 million) for works procurement.
– Bidders will also enjoy a margin of preference of 15% if supplies used are sourced in Kenya
– Bidders will also enjoy a margin of preference of 6% where local shareholding is less than 20% and 5% for shareholding between 20% and 50%

aviation tourism revival continues with airline licenses renewed for air Italy, Neos, Livingston, (Italy – Mombasa / Zanzibar), Fischer (Poland – Mombasa), Malav (Hungary – Mombasa), and Edelweiss (Switzerland – Mombasa)

coffee: An expo will be held on March 8th at Serena – facilitated by the export promotion council

housing: the government will put up 400 mixed housing units in Mlolongo – Athi river Kenya slum upgrading network in conjunction with UN Habitat (Mavoko for middle and low income housing)

investor seminar: Strathmore University – SIFE Team will hold an investment conference dubbed Smart NSE Investments 2007 on Saturday, 3rd March 2007 from 8:30am – 4pm at the university auditorium. Charges are KSh.100 (Exclusive of Lunch)

media training: The 5th Eastern Africa Media Training conducted the Inter Region Economic Network (IREN) will take place in Nairobi between March 14 – 16

security: serious stuff on the Somalia Coast where another ship (MV Rozen) was hijacked by pirates this week
– Kenya to buy patrol boats to secure the waters of Kenya and the port of Mombasa
– (kizingiti, siyu, mokowe, kiwayu) patrol bases in Lamu have been upgraded to be police stations

In defence of Mahindra

Several years ago, the Government of Kenya was swindled when a politically connected group procured substandard Mahindra jeeps for the police force which did not run for very long.

Since then, Kenyans have had an unfavourable view about vehicles from India (Tata’s, tuk-tuks, scooters) and other third world countries such as Korea & China (which the government is reported to soon approach for army lorries).

This is unfortunate because Mahindra, Maruti, Tata, and other vehicles produced in these countries are more affordable and probably better suited for our harsh roads than the 8 years old used-Japanese cars that thousands of Kenyans buy every year (I am guilty).

We need to get beyond the stereotype that if a vehicle is not European (or now Japanese) in origin, then it must be substandard. The police jeeps were part of a rip-off deal, but India has a wide variety of other vehicles, that if sourced legitimately – such as from local dealers of Tata and Maruti here in Nairobi – can be of great use to the country, and especially to Government departments who continue to waste their scarce resources on expensive fleets of European limousines.

Lazy tender job blog day

What about them? It is was hypocritical of the US and Britain to call for the resignation of Kenyan Minister Chris Murungaru, while retaining their own scandal ridden leaders like Dick Cheney and David Blunkett

Give them a chance: James Shikwati argues that indigenous Maasai should manage Amboseli Park which is their own land and resources – not outsiders.

Running in America: Paul Tergat will tackle the New York marathon for the first time on Sunday.

Remember Econet? Econet who seem to spend more time in court than on telecommunications will list on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in May 2006, in a bid to raise $500 million.

We want oil: Kenya continues her search for oil and doesn’t care who finds it.


Free trade at Mombasa: The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) has invited firms to set up a free trade zone at the Mombasa port via a 33 year build-operate-transfer (BOT) concession. Interested bidders should submit a business plan for the project via December 21 to after obtaining detailed tender documents form KPA.

Airport expansion: The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport modernisation and upgradation project has invited firms to construct a passenger apron at terminal 4, taxiways, car parks and associated facilities. Documents should be submitted to the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) by November 10.

Separately, in Parliament a Minister said that the Government plans to build a second runway at the airport after recent incidents should how necessary this move was.

Airport repair: The KAA has also invited a tender for emergency rehabilitation work at Moi international airport (Mombasa) involving reconstruction of 175 metres of pavement and installation of drainage & electrical systems (including flood lights). Tenders to be submitted to KAA by 1st December.

Bank software: Consolidated Bank invited bids for the supply, installation and commissioning of a credit risk and debt management system (closing November 22)

Elsewhere K-Rep Bank, a micro finance institution just installed a similar solution – Temenos T 24 at a cost of 102 million shillings.


The Communications Commission of Kenya is hiring:
– Manager procurement
– Manager new technologies
– Assistant director standards & type approval
– Assistant director compliance & consumer affairs
– Statistics officer
– Economic analysis officer
– Economist/ communications services
– Legal officer
– Radio engineers (5)

Telkom Kenya is hiring:
– Manager call centre
– Distribution manager
– Head of customer service
– Regional sales manager

A remittance company
IRNet Coop Kenya (ICK), a company setting up remittance services with an international partner is hiring:
– General Manager; Must have MBA, and IT exp would be a plus and 3 to 5 years management experience in banking, finance, telecom or retail industry.
– Operations manager; must have 3 to 5 years of administrative/accounting experience in banking finance, telecom or related field.
For both: Applicants must be aged between 28 – 35, and have business degrees in finance, accounts or engineering and experience with integrated accounts software as well as good analysis skills and knowledge of local market. Apply to IRNet Coop Kenya box 73236-00200 by 7 November.