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Green Card anyone?

It’s that time of the year: The US 2008 diversity visa program is on, and applications are to be submitted online by Sunday, December 3. Once again it is important to inform people that the application process is free. Kenyans are still eligible to win green cards to the USA, though early this year some green cards lottery winners were arrested at the Nairobi Embassy for adding on relatives.

– Kenyans pay 270 million shillings in visa fees a year to the UK and US embassies while Nigerians pay 1.4 billion shillings a year to the UK in visa fees.

Sudan’s economy, fuelled by oil exports and trade with Arab and Asian counties, is booming – projected to grow by 12 % this year despite a US embargo.

Odds and Ends

In a rare settlement, the federal government has agreed to pay $87,500 to a woman from Kenya who was denied entry into the United States even though she says she expressed fears for her life in Kenya.

Coming soon: Green cards to Europe

The European Union is considering introducing a U.S.-style green card system to attract immigrants with special skills, a leading commissioner said. Permanent work visas based “on the American model” is one of the options the EU is mulling as it faces a shortage of skilled labour and an aging population, Justice and Home Affairs Commissioner Franco Frattini told reporters.