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Kenya’s First REIT IPO

About a year after laying out their plans,  the Capital Markets Authority has approved the first REIT to be issued in Kenya – and it’s from Stanlib Kenya.

Stanlib Fahari I-Reit will issue an initial public offer for investors to subscribe to units in the new REIT which is expected to raise a minimum of Kshs2.6 billion and a maximum of Kshs12.5 billion. The unrestricted IPO will be listed on the main investment market segment of the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE).

US$1 = Kshs 105 this week

CFC Stanbic 2010 AGM

The CFC Stanbic Holdings annual general meeting (AGM) for 2010 was held on May 21 at the tented parking at CFC Centre, off Museum Hill, Nairobi. (twitter @Standardbankgrp)

The Managing Director re-capped the year’s performance of the group companies. CFC Stanbic (bank) had a flat profit of 1.9 billion [$25 million], CFC financial services (stockbroker) lost 108 million [-$1.4m], CFC Life (insurance) lost 433 million [-$5.6m] while Heritage (insurance) had a profit of 278 million [$3.6m]. He attributed the performance to impairment of the stock portfolio at the Nairobi stock exchange which declined by 60%, increased operating costs (New IT system, write-off old IT system, opening of new branches, and refurbishing/rebranding of all other branches) overall operating income was up 25% in 2009, but operating costs went up 46%. Finally, he added that the first quarter of 2010 has seen a good performance – with good earnings from forex and government securities, and the NSE rebound has good for their portfolio this year

Hot Button Issue: Poor performance of the Group /companies was cause for concern among several shareholders who asked questions citing:
– High operating expenses of 6 billion
– Item of ‘other expenses ‘ totaling 3.4 billion ($45 million) that were not detailed in the notes
-Ill-feeling, that when they approved the CFC Stanbic merger they were told that the group would have a leaner management structure would lead to cost savings across the group, and this has not happened
– Company used to be generous & give bonuses, but looking at the results, this is not going to happen any time soon!

In reply, the Board referred back to the MD’s earlier statement that had broken down the major cost items as well as the decline in the company’s NSE portfolio that had resulted in their auditors asking that they factor in an impairment provision of about 700 million while the others were the IT costs, advertising/branding branch refurbishment across the group, not just bank business.

Why new borrowing?: a corporate bond of 2.5 billion [$32.5m]was asked about. Notes also show increase loan from IFC of 759 million and new loans from other banks – NIC (200m) and CBA (500m). MD said the bond and loans were to support their mortgage business, which has been one of their better performing lines, and also support their subordinate capital position. .

Banking sector fraud is high even as the group invests in new system and new products like electronic banking, there is a lot of fraud in the sector with customers losing their money to bank insider, and are Kenyan laws keeping up with new fraudsters. MD replied that the new system was safer.

Long-serving Chairman Exits: During director elections, the chairman Charles Njonjo announced that Mike Du Toit (long time Stanbic K MD), Titus Naikuni (MD of Kenya Airways) and himself who were all up for re-election were all stepping down, but added that Du Toit would take up other responsibilities within the group. On his part he thanked shareholders for their support though the years and said he was proud that the company that he, Jeremiah Kiereini (fellow powerful director), and PK Jani had started many years ago had grown into a conglomerate which now had undergone many recent changes and there were many new faces (and more women) who did not know his face, He said Kiereini , who will remain on the board for a few more years, would look after his interests but that he would still be around next year, as a shareholder on the floor, to ask questions of the board. Re-elected directors were Eddy Njoroge (Kengen MD), Fred Ojiambo (Nairobi lawyer), Jane Babsa-Nzibo and Greg Brackenridge who will be the new Bank CEO?

Bonus at next meeting: an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders will be called later in the year to approve the hiving off of the insurance business (CFC Life and Heritage) into a new company (in a deal with Liberty Holdings & African Liaissons Consultants)that will also be listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange. Current CFCStanbic shareholders will receive a dividend in specie of 1 share of the new company for every 1 CFC share they currently hold, at no additional cost.

Goodies: – lunch box (flat rice & chicken piece), soda, umbrella (which I lost an hour later)
– scary? annual report was 114 pages long without as ingle picture or CSR fluff page. Shareholders also, after several questions, approved a motion allowing the company to publish account sin the newspapers, have it on their website or e-mail it to shareholders in lieu of having to print and mail one to every shareholder.

Online Nairobi Stockbrokers

Continuing the popular Where to buy shares series, my long-time stockbroker CFC (actually CFCFS) have finally unveiled an online trading and account/portfolio platform. It’s quite good so far, quick registration, easy navigation, and hopefully a secure one. I hope they add share reports, and other useful tips which they can e-mail to users.

My portfolio is correctly displayed and I will make my next trades online (previously I used to e-mail my orders, and get confirmations and statements back by e-mail)

Other brokers with online features (can’t vouch for their quality) include Afrika Discount Drummond Dyer & Blair, Faida and Sterling

1. What are you online experiences like with your Kenyan stockbrokers?
2. Have any Kenyans in the Diaspora got their Safaricom IPO refunds, or been able to apply them to buy other shares? Have you seen your refund cheques, or know where they are?

Kenya Insurance 2007 Rankings

Insurance Company of East Africa Assets 19,151 million [19.15 billion or ~ $309 million] (profit of 545 million) [$8.8 million]
Kenya Reinsurance 14,710 (965 million)
Jubilee Insurance 12,459
British American Insurance 10,252 (512)
Kenindia Assurance 9,886
UAP Insurance 7,245 (888)
Old Mutual Life Assurance 6,447
CFC life — (255 million profit)
Heritage AII 4,522 (364)
APA Insurance 4,491
Lion of Kenya Insurance 3,722 (179)
Phoenix (East Africa) Assurance 3,669 (103)
Blue Shield 3,109
Kenya Alliance 2,798
Madison Insurance 2,751
Cooperative Insurance 2,437 (140)
AIG Kenya Insurance 2,337 (217)
General Accident Insurance 2,192 (216)
Cannon Assurance 2,163 (60)
First Africa Assurance 1,781 (103)
Apollo Insurance 1,774
Geminia Insurance 1,223 (24)
Fidelity Shield 1,194 (98)
Trident Insurance 1,178 (54)
Real Insurance 1,107 (92)
Gateway Insurance 1,058
Tausi Assurance 949 (2)
Occidental Insurance 937 (63)
Mercantile Insurance 910 (34)
Standard Assurance 896 (6)
East Africa Re 872 (119)
Intra Africa Assurance 855
Corporate Insurance 809 (23)
Concord Insurance 757 (28)
Directline Assurance 730
Monarch Insurance 683 (9)
Amaco 674 (43)
Pioneer Assurance 508 (4)
Mayfair insurance 478 (-1)
Kenya Orient 443 (19)
Metropolitan Insurance 437
PACIS 220 (27)
Trinity Life Assurance 219

Kutwa Tuesday – June 18

yes it’s Wednesday, but these relate to recent events

2008 Budget
– While the ICT sector was celebrating, a 25% tax on imported used computers was added on
– Wireless providers also pay a 10% tax, same as mobile companies (putting Telkom wireless on par with Safaricom and Celtel)
– Whistle blower on tax evasion may be entitled to 3% or 5% tax recovered by KRA. (but too late for David Munyakei)
– And from Tanzania; a brilliant idea that sounded dumb initially – at tax on loss making companies; It’s an alternative minimum tax for companies that report tax losses for three consecutive years – and will now amount to of 0.3% of their turnover. This is targeted at companies with high turnover that engage in tax avoidance could KRA adopt that later?

CFC Stanbic: In the CFC-Stanbic merger/takeover, shareholders voiced concerns that some CFC shareholders were getting paid and walking away from the company with cash. Now three of them – Gambit, Trogon, and Jani are voluntarily winding up

IPO refunds: The Central Bank is concerned about the slow pace of Safaricom refunds (statement (PDF))
– Yet there was there option in the initial prospectus for applicants to be refunded by M-pesa; which would have been ideal for thousands of minimum applicants [who are getting refunds of about 7,900 shillings or $127]
– The CBK statement mentions that you can send a message to confirm the status of your refund e.g. “CDS#ID#R” to 4009. (my message told me my cheque which I collected last week, was ready at the broker). What it doesn’t tell you is that the message costs 15 shillings or ~ 2 Safaricom shares at the going rate