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Nairobi Expense Account

Finally have one month of data on expenses incurred using Moneywise on the Samsung Tab and which is a really nice and easy way to record expenses and have them priced in  Kenya shillings, add categories, export data  (as a CSV) and gives a nice instant graphic that is up to date after each transaction.

The full list in of expenses summed up as in the month (ranked by money spent) was Rent 23%, Repairs 17% (Car, computer), Dining 10%, Gifts 8%, Transport 7% (KQ, taxis), Fuel 7%, 6% each to investments and to Drinks 6% (EABL), Recreation 4%, 2% each to Communications (Safaricom), Clothing, Electronics, and to Utilities, and 1% each to Newspaper and Groceries 1%.

June was an unusual month of with quite a bit spent on some major car repairs and travel (taxi and also air travel) and this took away from savings and investments.


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