A380 Welcome in Nairobi

A380 Welcome in Nairobi: (Daily Nation Feb 3 2005) Managing Director of the Kenya Airports Authority, Mr. George Muhoho, said that Jomo Kenyatta Airport would be able to receive the new Airbus A380 giant double-decker aircraft in Nairobi when it begins operations.

He said, ¬ďa suitable passenger bridge has been identified, and lounges will be redesigned to accommodate departing passengers. Also the runway and taxiways will be strengthened and widened.

2 thoughts on “A380 Welcome in Nairobi

  1. daktari

    ..when will those people in power eg at KAA realise that they are doing Kenya a a disservice?All the money we used to pay for ‘airport tax’has gone nowhere in improving facilities there.

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